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Thanks to Document Management System module - Allium DMS, you can increase efficiency of working with documents, reduce costs, make your business easier to manage and keep your economic documentation under full control.

Store your documentation on the cloud with Allium DMS Online and work more efficiently.


We can work with millions of documents on the SharePoint platform. We handle performance-intensive implementations.


Allium DMS Online complies with all national and European Union directives. We take care of your documents as best as possible.


During and after implementation, we are your partner who will gladly bring years of experience with DMS into solutions for your company or organization.


We bring you the latest technology, thanks to which you can reduce costs, streamline your work and increase its comfort.


Work with the Document Management System Online

Our solution Allium Document Management System Online is a modular solution for centralized register, management and support of processing the documents. Allium DMS is a cloud solution, which enables you to record and store documents of specified types online and in one place. The documents are most often invoices, contracts, regulations, directives and other documents. For specified types, the system can control progress of their processing using workflow. The system supports the processes of digitalization, OCR and metadata during document registration.

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Allium DMS Online solution works as a SharePoint Online extension. It enables comprehensive document management in the familiar Office 365 user interface.

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We have been developing Allium DMS since 2010. We build on a team of specialists and experience gained by designing solutions for Microsoft platforms.

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