How do users benefit from Allium DMS Online? In what way can it be advantageous for your company or organization? On which devices can it be used? Lots of questions waiting to be answered…


Allium DMS, according to predefined automatic procedures, controls the process of receiving Invoices, their processing up to the final resolution of their business cycle. Invoices are stored in centralized register; they are recorded in the company ERP and their due date is monitored effectively.


Allium DMS offers Requests system, which generally records employee requests, submits them to the responsible persons for approval and notifies the applicant of the outcome of this process. This way can we solve holiday request, business trips, purchases made outside of framework contracts.


Allium DMS has elaborated Regulation system that includes, for example, ISO documents, company standards, guidelines, directions, methodologies and others. It enables their effective creation, but above all a highly effective introduction of this internal documentation to company employees.


The Allium DMS Contracts system supports the creation of contracts themselves, their commenting, including the commenting workflow, and allows their final approval by the responsible person(s). This system also includes a secure repository for all contracts.


With the cloud, documentation is available anywhere, anytime, on all types of devices and on all available platforms. You are in no way bound to a location or to a particular device.


With Allium DMS Online you will increase employee productivity and significantly reduce the impact of human factors. No less important is the associated cost savings and increased data security.


A transparent history of all documentation in online environment is a matter of course. With automatic document versioning, you do not have to worry about losing the data you need.


Document security, protection against loss or theft, including compliance with EU an GDPR guidelines, is a top priority for Allium DMS Online and Office 365 solutions.


Electronic signatures, time stamps, electronic seals are integrated into Allium DMS Online System and are used for secure verification of acquired documents.

Operational flexibility

Do employees apply for holidays, business trips or do they make purchases? With our online solution, they can work anywhere and anytime.


Do you create and approve internal company documents? The online environment is ideal for this activity; it will record when and who created, approved and read the document.


You can check all received invoices anywhere and anytime in Allium DMS Online and manage their processing thanks to predefined automatic procedures.


Invoices are stored in the centralized register and are registered in the company´s ERP system. Allium DMS Online can be interconnected with other client systems in one homogenous unit.


DMS Allium Online allows you to monitor the due date of invoices and get a discount for timely payment to the vendor. You can also monitor and respond quickly to other document parameters.


Support of teamwork. Teams, Yammer, Planner, online document, spreadsheet and data processing streamlines cooperation, reduces costs and maximizes the potential of Office 365.


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